K-Flex No.2
K-Flex No.2
K-Flex No.2
K-Flex No.2
K-Flex No.2
K-Flex No.2

K-Flex No.2

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The K-Flight system. A high performance all in one flight and shaft system featuring Target’s patented twist system.

The precision moulded system key features:

Lightweight: K-System flights are lighter than other moulded systems on the market allowing for a more consistent throw.

Patented Flex System: The shaft section of the K-Flex has been designed to move if hit by another dart, reducing the chance of a bounce out.

90 Degree Precision: Our injection moulding process means the flights are at perfect 90 degree angles out of the box and through their playing life.

Durability: A slight increase in thickness to the front and back edge of the flight increases durability dramatically over other flight types

Available sizes:

  • Short (19mm)
  • Intermediate (26mm)
  • Medium (33mm)

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