Loxley - Rock Eagle - 90% Tungsten Darts | 23G

Loxley - Rock Eagle - 90% Tungsten Darts | 23G

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Elevate your dart game with the Loxley Rock Eagle 90% Steel Tip Tungsten Darts. These high-quality 23g tungsten darts are designed to soar like an eagle, delivering exceptional performance and accuracy on the dartboard. The eagle dart points provide a strong grip for consistent throws, while the included Loxley flights and shafts ensure stability and precision. Crafted with the renowned craftsmanship of Loxley, the Rock Eagle darts combine style and functionality, making them the perfect choice for both casual players and competitive tournaments. Unleash your inner champion with the Loxley Rock Eagle darts and experience the winning difference they bring to your darting experience

  • Shaft type: Nylon shafts
  • Flight type: Loxley flights


  • 23g - 6.40mm x 50.8mm

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