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Loxley - Nasir - 90% Tungsten Darts - 22G

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The Loxley Nasir Tungsten Darts are a remarkable choice for any dart enthusiast. These 22g tungsten darts not only pay tribute to the iconic character from the 1980s series "Robin of Sherwood," but they also deliver a perfect balance of classic elegance and power. With two contrasting yet complementary grips and an aggressive bullnose design, these darts provide exceptional control on the dartboard. Complete with Loxley shafts and flights, these darts ensure stability and accuracy in every throw. Embrace the spirit of Nasir and experience the unmatched quality of the Loxley Nasir darts for an unforgettable darting experience

  • Shaft type: Nylon shafts
  • Flight type: Loxley flights


  • 22g - 6.40mm x 52.0mm 


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