Jose De Sousa 'The Special One

Condor - Jose De Sousa, also known as 'The Special One' is a professional darts player from Portugal. He has been playing darts for over 20 years and has made a name for himself in the darts world. De Sousa is known for his unique throwing style, using the 'Axe Flights' darts, which have become his signature.

De Sousa started playing darts when he was a teenager, participating in local leagues in Portugal. He quickly rose to fame due to his exceptional skills and soon became a regular in the Portuguese national team. In 2012, he made his debut in the PDC European Tour and won his first major title in the 2020 Grand Slam of Darts.

De Sousa’s success in the PDC European Tour soon led him to become a regular in the PDC World Championships. In 2020, he reached the quarter-finals of the World Championships and in 2021, he reached the semi-finals, where he faced Michael van Gerwen, the world champion at that time. De Sousa’s performance in the World Championships earned him the nickname 'The Special One', a name that has stuck with him ever since.

The key to De Sousa’s success is his use of the 'Axe Flights' darts. These darts have a unique design, featuring a sharp, angular edge that gives them a distinctive look and improved aerodynamics. De Sousa is one of the few professional darts players who use these darts and has found that they provide him with a distinct advantage. The Axe Flights darts are said to have a more controlled and accurate flight path, which has helped De Sousa achieve his success.

In addition to his unique throwing style, De Sousa is also known for his charismatic personality. He is a fan favorite and always interacts with the crowd, making them part of his performance. He is a true entertainer on the stage, and his passion for darts is evident in his performances.

In conclusion, Condor - Jose De Sousa, 'The Special One' is a true talent in the world of darts. His use of the Axe Flights darts and his unique throwing style have set him apart from other players. With his exceptional skills and charismatic personality, De Sousa is one of the most entertaining players in the world of darts and a name that will be remembered for years to come.