mission darryl the dazzler fitton darts
mission darryl the dazzler fitton darts
mission darryl the dazzler fitton darts

Mission - Darryl 'The Dazzler' Fitton darts point - 95% Tungsten

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The Mission Darryl Fitton darts, also known as The Dazzler darts, are a top-of-the-line set of tungsten darts that are available in a range of weights, including darts 22g, 23g darts, and 24g darts tungsten.

The precision-engineered barrels feature three distinct sections with radial grooves that provide a unique grip, and the electroplated black and red finish adds a touch of style. The Sabre shaft and matching Darryl Fitton signature flights complete the package, ensuring that these darts perform as well as they look.

Whether you're a serious player looking for the best possible equipment, or simply enjoy the game of darts and want to upgrade your gear, the Mission Darryl Fitton darts are an excellent choice that won't disappoint.

  • Barrel colour: Black & Red Electroplating
  • Barrel grip: 6/10
  • Flight type: Mission flights
  • Shaft type: Mission sabre shafts
  • Includes: 1 point protector


  • 22g - 6.85mm x 46.5mm
  • 24g - 7.25mm x 46.5mm

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