Condor - Trinidad Darts Jose De Sousa

Condor - Trinidad Darts Jose De Sousa - 90% Tungsten

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Jose De Sousa is undoubtedly one of the top darts players in the world today, having already achieved a number of notable accomplishments. He has used Trinidad darts, a Japanese dart manufacturer, to great effect in his games, and has made enhancements to his darts to ensure the perfect grip.

The 3 point grip used by Jose De Sousa involves placing his fingers at the front of the barrel, and this required alterations to the design of his darts. Alternating ring cuts and micro ring cuts were placed near the index finger placement area to allow for an even distribution of grip strength when the dart is held. Additionally, evenly placed cuts were applied at the thumb area for a comfortable grip.

It's worth noting that while some players prefer aggressive barrel designs, Jose De Sousa opted for mild shallow cuts throughout the barrel, which provide a snug fit when held. This design approach has allowed him to achieve a greater level of accuracy and control when throwing his darts.

If you are interested in trying out De Sousa's darts for yourself, it's worth checking out the range of Trinidad darts available for sale. These darts are made from 90 tungsten, which is a high-quality material known for its durability and excellent balance. By using darts of this caliber, you can expect to see an improvement in your game and perhaps even take your skills to the next level


18g - 55mm x 5.9mm

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